Fondente Chocolate
Vegan Handmade Bonbons
9 - Bonbons Box with Six Flavours
Production time 3-4 days
Available for purchase only in the Netherlands

Sea buckthorn with Almond Praline
White vegan chocolate ganache with sea buckthorn and passion fruit puree together with dark chocolate almond praline creates a great match.
Contain nuts

Chai tea and vanilla
Dark chocolate 65% ganache infused with chai tea creates a beautiful duet with sweet and flavourful vanilla. It worth trying. Don't hesitate.

Raspberry and Hibiscus
Raspberry ganache made with raspberry puree and raspberry chocolate is infused with hibiscus tea.

•Caramel with salty peanut praline
Caramel made with bio cane sugar. The second layer is peanut praline based on vegan milk chocolate.
Contain nuts

Kalamansi and Passion fruit white chocolate
Sour, fresh and summer flavour will make you feel like you are on a tropical island. Ganache is based on fruit purees, white vegan chocolate and sugar substitutes like chicory root and grape sugar.

Coffee latte with cocoa nibs
Deep flavour of cacao beans in this bonbon will help you feel the intensity and bitterness of chocolate. Ganache is based on coconut milk infused with bio coffee, cocoa nibs are added for crunchiness.

All bonbons are made with sugar substitutes like chicory root and grape sugar. High quality products are used. Milk and white chocolate is vegan.

This product doesn't contain any soy, dairy. Best eaten within 10 days after delivery.

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