Fondente Chocolate
Vegan Handmade Bonbons
Sea Buckthorn Caramel with Coffee Ganache
Production time 3-4 days
112 gr
Available for purchase only in The Netherlands
Intense coffee...bitter and strong. Dark chocolate and a bit of sugar. Here we go... magic has happened.
No no...wait! What about sweet and soft sea buckthorn caramel to complement coffee ganache? It's very delicious, believe me! You don't? Then try by yourself!

This product doesn't contain soy, dairy, gluten or nuts. Best eaten within 10 days after purchase.
These bonbons are made from decaf coffee, 70% dark chocolate, coconut sugar, coconut milk and erythritol, buckthorn puree.

For the bonbons safety, when sending by DHL, we use a stronger material and more reliable box, which may differ from the one in the photo.
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