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Welcome to FONDENTE CHOCOLATE world!
All our bonbons are unique. Because they are carefully considered. From choosing the pallet of bonbons, tempering cocoa butter for the shine and best ingredients.
We work with high quality cocoa butter, vegan chocolate, homemade fruit purée and nuts.

Feel happiness every single bite!
Cofee & cardamom Recipe
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At the moment we sell a 8-piece bonbon box. There you will find 4 different flavors with nuts, caramel, fruits, spices. If you don't like some of the flavors suggested, let us know. The colors pallet may vary from one on the page.

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Free delivery within Eindhoven
Free delivery for buying 3 boxes or more within the whole country until March 15
Order till March 23 and get your box on March 25
A box of mixed flavors which has 4 flavors
Berries and vanilla, Salted caramel peanut butter, coffee and walnut praline and gingerbread cookie. All flavors are dairy free and gluten-free.
Berries and vanilla with crusty gluten free layer
This product doesn't contain any soy, dairy, gluten or nuts. Best eaten within 10 days after purchase.
These bonbons are made from fresh berries, white vegan chocolate, erythritol, vegan cane sugar, vanilla ganache and crusty gluten free corn flakes layer.
Salted caramel peanut butter
This product doesn't contain soy, dairy, gluten or nuts. Best eaten within 10 days after purchase.
These bonbons are made from peanut butter, white vegan chocolate, salt,erythritol, white vegan cane sugar, caramel extract.
Coffee and walnut praline
This product doesn't contain soy, dairy, gluten or nuts. Best eaten within 10 days after purchase.
These bonbons are made from decaf coffee, dark chocolate, homemade walnut praline with reduced amount of sugar, coconut milk and coconut sugar, erythritol.
Gingerbread cookie
This product doesn't contain soy, dairy, gluten or nuts. Best eaten within 10 days after purchase.
These bonbons are made from infused ginger, vegan gluten-free gingerbread cookies, dark chocolate, coconut milk and coconut sugar, erythritol.
About me
My name is Marianna and welcome to my site. Here you can buy a box of vegan bonbons for yourself or someone you care for.

The name of my online chocolate shop is called FONDENTE. The name is closely connected with my childhood. I have beautiful and unforgettable memories when my mother, who worked as a confectioner, would bring different sweets from work and shared them with me and my sister. Most of all I remember dark chocolate covered marshmallows and the crunch of it while biting. This is how the name and idea of creating Fondente Chocolate became real.
My acquaintance with chocolate started 5 years ago when I decided to become vegan. First I learned information about chocolate by myself and implemented the knowledge into practice. After 3 years I started visiting courses and masterclasses of famous chocolatiers such as Melisa Coppel, Andres Lara, Amy Levin, Chocolate Academy in Belgium.
What our customers say ❤️
Tetiana Ponaida
Mary Mandziuk
Anastasia Gritsenko
Are bonbons dairy free?
Yes, they are. They don't contain cow cream, milk etc. We use only plant based milk, coconut milk to be exact.
Are bonbons gluten free?
Yes they are.
If I am lactose intolerant can I Buy them?
Yes, you can. There's no such an ingredient as cow milk.
If I am not vegan, can I order?
Yes, of course. It can be a great way to get acquainted with vegan bonbons.
Are bonbons nut free?
Some of them Yes. We propose four flavours and two of them are with nuts. Is you are nut intolerant, we can put in your box only two fruity flavours.
Can order only one bonbon flavour?
Yes, you can. Just choose the flavour you want in the online shop.
What sugars do you use in your bonbons?
Mainly we use coconut sugar and for the caramel we may use white vegan sugar.
Can I order, if I live France?
Unfortunately not. The reason is the delivery time is too big(more than 9 days) and it's too much of time for bonbons to be delivered.
From which countries can I order a box of bonbons?
If you are from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, then you can.
What are the time of delivery for the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium?
For the Netherlands 1-2 days, Belgium 2-4 days, Germany 2-5 days.
Because of Covid-19 there could be delays.
Who pays for the delivery?
A customer pays for the delivery.
If the delivered package is damaged, what do I do?
We put a box of chocolates in a post delivery box and stick a sign "fragile". There shouldn't be any problems. But if the bonbons inside the box are damaged, then you will get the refund.
What is the delivery price?
For the Netherlands we use only DHL delivery service which costs 5, 75 Euros within 1-2 working days with track and trace.

For sending outside Netherlands we use standard postal service Post nl which costs for Belgium 100-350 gr 7,75.
For Germany 100-350 gr it's 7,75 euros.
DHL delivery within 2-3 working days with track and trace for Belgium 9 euros, Germany 10 euros.
What postal service do you send a parcel with?
It's a Dutch post called Post nl
Will I get a track and trace code?
You can get, but the price for the delivery with tracking will be higher.
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