Vanilla ganache with
Caramel liquorette
vegan bonbon
EXPIRY TIME: 4 weeks as long as the storage temperature is 16-18C.
Vanilla ganache
Total weight: 176 gr

Ingredients list
30 g coconut milk
10 gr water
80 gr white vegan chocolate
20 gr coconut oil
12 gr glucose in powder
20 gr grape sugar/dextrose
2 gr vegan protein
1 vanilla pod


1. Melt white chocolate and coconut oil to 40C.
2. Warm in a pot coconut milk, water, vegan protein and sugars to 40-45 C.
3. Add melted chocolate to warmed coconut milk with sugars.
4. Then cut a vanilla pod in half and scrape vanilla seeds with a knife and add it to ganache. Stir a few times with spatula to incorporate vanilla. Then use a hand blender to emulsify for 1 min minimum.
5. Pipe ganache at 28-29 C and fill 1/2 of a bonbon cavity. Leave to set at 16 C for 3 hours before piping the next layer.
Caramel liquorette ganache
Total weight: 169 gr

Ingredients list
30 g coconut milk
120 gr dark chocolate 70%
50 gr coconut oil
30 gr glucose in powder
36 gr grape sugar/dextrose
2 gr vegan protein powder
60 gr caramel liquorette or Amaretto


1. Weigh the ingredients.
2. Melt dark chocolate and coconut milk to 45 C. Put aside.
3. Meantime warm coconut milk, sugars and vegan protein to 35-40 C.
4. Combine melted chocolate with warmed coconut milk with sugars.
5. Emulsify for half a minute with blender.
6. Then warm liquor to 33 C and add to ganache. Emulsify with blender again for a minute.
7. Pipe into cavities at 28-29 C.
8. Leave to set for 12 hours at 16 C.
Notes on Ingredients
It is sugar alcohol called polyols. This water-soluble compound is found naturally in some fruits, including apples, apricots, dates, berries, peaches, plums, and figs. It is used to preserve moisture, add sweetness, and provide texture to products, as well as potentially support digestive and oral health.Sorbitol contains approximately two-thirds of the calories of table sugar and provides about 60% of the sweetness.
Grape sugar or Dextrose
It plays an important role in cellular energy production. Dextrose is actually the primary source of energy for most living organisms. This sugar can be found in fruits, honey and fruit juices. Dextrose is the most important sugar in the metabolism, it is quickly absorbed into the cells of the intestine.
Inverted sugar/ Maple syrop
Inverted sugar is used in small quantities and can be substituted with maple syrup. It is used to increase flavour. It makes product more resistant to microbial spoilage compared to those made with other sweeteners. Also it prevents sugar crystallisation and ofter smoother product texture.
Coconut Oil
Choose odourless coconut oil as it won't interfere with the ganache flavour. Butter helps to soften the ganache texture.
Instruments list
Polycarbonate mould CW1935
Airbrush Iwata 0,6 nozzle
Compressor 4 bar pressure
Coloured cocoa butter:
Roxy and Rich Light Red
Roxy and Rich Dark Black

Colouring Method

Temper cocoa butter before use. Use airbrush for colouring bonbons. Connect your airbrush with a hose to an air compressor. Then spray one part of bonbon with black cocoa butter. Wait until it sets. Then cover the other half with red colour. Leave to set for 15-20 min in a wine cooler or cool place at 16 C. Then make a shell.